How is the translation created?

A job starts with the agreement between us and yourself, the client, to complete it for an agreed price within an agreed timeframe. While working efficiently we do not compromise quality and therefore work to realistic deadlines. For example: Short urgent texts of up to 300-400 words in a simple format (e.g. ms word) can usually be completed within 1-2 hours after the request is made. Jobs of up to 1500 words can usually be completed within 24-48 hours. A translator's capacity is at ca 1500-1800 words per day. Where jobs over 3000 words are needed within less than 48 hours it may be necessary to divide it between two translators. We recommend to allow 48 hours for jobs of 3000-3500 words.
When accepting any job it is assigned to a professional experienced translator  who holds a relevant 3rd level qualification. The translator reads the text and translates it in a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool. A TM (Translation Memory), if available, is loaded into the CAT tool, too. This ensures consistency of terminology.
The translator finishes the translation and runs a QA (quality assurance) check and spell check in the CAT tool and then reads through it as well.  If you supplied a formatted source text the translation is then saved back into the original format and checked and proofed again in the formatted version. On demand this proofreading is done by a second translator. The completed translation and, if desired, the associated TM, is sent back to you, the client. At this point the invoice is issued as well.

How are translation and/or proofreading costs calculated?

Our translation service includes proofreading. For this combined service we usually quote per word and the price varies slightly depending on language combination and subject matter or degree of complexity. Our basic standard rate is applied most of the time, though. For any increases the reasons will be explained in our quote.  If you require proofreading by itself it is also charged per word. When we accept a proofreading job from an external translator we have to assess the quality of the translation before deciding to give a quote as depending on the quality of the translation the work load and time spent can vary considerably. In some cases an hourly wage may be applied. Our pricing is fair and reasonable and on that basis we quote and make contracts with our clients.

What file formats do we accept?

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