About Seirbhísí Teanga Oileán Chléire

Ionad Foghlama Chléire  was founded as a provider of Irish Language courses and outdoor activities as Gaeilge by 3 Cape Clear Islanders in 2002. With the arrival of the Official Languages Act of 2003 the company went on to focus primarily on translations from English and German to Irish. Meanwhile the activity element was taken over by Cléire Lasmuigh, another busy local micro business (see here).
Amongst our clients are Irish Government Departments and Institutions which come under the 2003 Act, large multinational translation suppliers working for the EU and commercial entities from countries worldwide.

Owner/manager of Ionad Foghlama Chléire is Dorothee Uí Cheallaigh. She holds a Ph.D. in Modern Irish Language and Literature from National University of Ireland Cork, Ireland and an M.A. in Celtic Studies from Aberdeen University, Scotland and works as a translator for English and German to Irish since 2004. Dorothee also taught Irish for 14 years in the Cape Clear Irish summer college and authored the original version of one of the earliest online-only Irish courses, Gaeltalk.net.